Top Teacher: Amanda Prather

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

Do you ever sing songs to help you remember things? We found one teacher who uses her song and dance background to help her students.

Get ready to put your hands the air and dance. From the moment you walk in Ms. Amanda Prather's 3rd grade class at Langston Chapel Elementary School you'll be energized.

"I have a music and dance background and for myself to learn something it helps to put some movement with it and make it into a song. So, whenever I can we'll put a little movement or song to the concept so the children can easily remember that and can recall it all year long," said Prather.

If Ms. Prather doesn't have a song well you can bet someone will remind her.

"If I don't have one the children will ask what is our song and dance,"said Prather.

For 17 years Ms. Prather's brought this type of energy into her classroom.

"I love seeing the joy in their faces when they grasp a concept and they start really understanding and applying those to everyday situations,"said Prather.

Principal Karen Doty says Ms. Prather is an asset to Langston Chapel both in and out of the classroom.

"She is full of life and she's always ready to go and very well planned. she has great relationships with the students and very flexible and always willing to learn new things. her children always have the best time together,"said Doty.

Having a good time, but also learning valuable lessons along the way.

Just one of many reasons Amanda Prather is a WTOC Top Teacher.

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