BC has new plan to keep tuition costs down

By Michelle Paynter - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Benedictine Military School has come up with a unique way to help keep tuition costs down. It's a plan the school is pretty excited about.

BC is tucked away on Savannah's southside, east of Waters Avenue and north of Eisenhower Drive. Acres and acres of trees and undeveloped land separate the campus from any shops or buildings.

But not for long. The BC board of directors just approved a plan to lease 18 acres to the north and 20 acres to the south.

Headmaster Father Frank Ziemkiewicz said, "We just see this as further improving a very valuable space, a very good space, a space that is important to Savannah."

BC hopes to build professional buildings by South Coast Medical and residential development on the other side.

Board member Marc Friday said, "The whole concept behind this is to lease the land, get the revenue off the land that we can put towards an endowment fund to help these kid's tuition."

While it won't make it cheaper to attend BC, Friday said it will help keep costs from rising too high. "That's one of our biggest hurdles to overcome is how do we make it affordable for these children to come to school without putting it on the back of parents," he said.

The board said this is a school built on tradition, and if leasing some of the land will help them maintain that commitment, then that's what they are going to do.

"With Benedictine having the alumni, friends and support they do now, it think it's a win win situation for everyone," Friday said.

There is no word yet on how soon development could start.

For more information visit www.benedictinecommons.com or www.steelwoodsolutions.com.

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