Top Pop Candidate--Joe Cetti

Joe Cetti
Joe Cetti

Heather Cetti Aeger says her father Joe is the best dad in the world.

"He has taught me everything, he's my biggest fan and I'm his biggest fan," she said.

When Joe was growing up, his father wasn't around much because of work. Joe vowed from that point to be a lot different.

"I didn't want my kids to miss out on that," he said. "I wanted to be involved in their lives and I was."

"He was my basketball coach and my softball coach," said Heather. "We'd go out on the boat, play sports together. He was always around."

And Joe was the same way with his second born, Joey.

"My family, they're everything," said Joe.

When Heather went away to college, Dad was still always there, coming to parents' weekends and, of course, graduation.

"I've never seen him cry and he was teared up," recalled Heather. "We were surprised because he was like, 'This is the first Cetti to graduate from college.'"

Then heather became one of the first teachers in the family. She says Joe became her classroom assistant.

"He would come with all the stuff for Christmas," she said. "Cupcakes, cake, you know, little toys. He was so good."

Not only is Joe a family man, he works about 60 hours a week and he still makes time for community service. Joe helps out with the Saint Patrick's Day parade, Knights of Columbus, Savannah Pilotage Committee, Savannah Quarterback Club, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, the Irish Heritage Society, and he collects tabs for Ronald McDonald.

"It makes a little bit of difference and a little bit helps," said Joe.

And in a few months,  Heather's unborn son will have meet Grandpa, too, making Joe Cetti a candidate for Top Pop.

Reported by: Shannon Royster,