Top Pop Candidate--Maj. Alfonzo Butler

Maj. Alfonzo Butler
Maj. Alfonzo Butler

Deborah Butler and her three daughters can't wait for Dad to come back home.

"He's my rock he's my left, right arm," she said. "He just helps me a whole lot around here and I can tell that he's gone."

Maj. Alfonzo Butler, an executive officer with the HHC 123rd Signal Battalion at Fort Stewart, has been overseas since September.

"I'm proud of the fact that he is over there fighting the fight, doing what he has to do to make sure we're all safe," daughter Nivea said.

So for now they rely on phone calls, pictures and all that he's done for comfort. Nivea says her dad had the chance to move the family to Europe but stayed in Richmond Hill for her.

"Basically he commutes every day from Fort Stewart to here for three years just to let me graduate," she said.

Daughter Robyn simply said, "I think he's the sweetest guy on Earth."

And he's so much more.

"He remembers everybody's birthday, anniversaries," said Deborah. "He's just an all around great guy."

Both Nivea and Robyn have been playing softball ever since they were little girls and it's all thanks to dear old Dad.

"He's been my pitching coach, my hitting coach, he's been everything," said Nivea.

As you can imagine it hasn't been easy without him. His family just wants him home.

"He's a wonderful dad and he deserves to be recognized for what he's done, for all his sacrifices," said Nivea.

Maj. Alfonzo Butler, candidate for Top Pop.

Reported by: Shannon Royster,