2 armed robbery cases end in convictions

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Two robbery cases have concluded in convictions, the Chatham County District Attorney announced Wednesday.

Dontavia Freeman, Ronald Hughes, Phillip Tolbert and Jamaal Wright were indicted in June 2010 for armed robbery and aggravated assault of tourists Mark (Joseph) Bild and Laurel Blue in Wright Square just before midnight on May 31, 2007.

A jury found three of the defendants guilty. Tolbert, who testified at the trial and entered a plea on July 19 to robbery and aggravated assault, got a sentence of 20 years in prison with 10 years to serve and will serve the remainder of the sentence on probation.

Freeman was sentenced to 20 years -- with 14 to serve and the balance sentence to be carried out on probation for robbery by intimidation.

Hughes received 20 years with eight years to serve and the rest of the sentence to be carried out on probation for robbery by intimidation and aggravated assault.

Wright received 20 years with 17 to be served without parole the other three years to be served on probation for armed robbery. He was also sentenced to 17 years to serve, which will run concurrent for the aggravated assault charge.

In another armed robbery case, Jaudon Johnson and Anthony Daniels were indicted in May 2008 for armed robbery of the Circle K at Quacco Road. Daniels pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of robbery by intimidation and received a 15-year sentence, with 10 years to be served and the rest of the sentence to be served on probation.

Johnson's case went to trial on Sept. 10. The jury found him guilty. Judge Morse sentenced Johnson to life in prison based on the state's notice of aggravation of punishment, which included certified copies of convictions for aggravated stalking and theft by taking firearm in 1999, according to the district attorney's office.