Former Beach High principal suspended for 30 days

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In a seven to one vote, the school board decided to suspend former Beach High School Principal Dr. Deonn Stone for 30 days without pay at a termination hearing on Wednesday.

Last week, Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy recommended to the School Board to terminate Dr. Stone's contract after several students' grades were changed.

Dr. Stone admitted to the board that 13 students grades were changed but because a teacher failed to do his job. When she took the stand, she explained that the teacher was failing students who were passing all their other classes. She says she tried to work with the teacher and even notified the district about his performance.

The teacher opted to resign shortly after the incident took place.

Parents, teachers and students filled the room to hear what witnesses had to say. Dr. Stone's lawyer asked questions as well as the school district's attorney. After each testimony, board members asked questions.

WTOC caught up with one parent attended the hearing to show support for Dr. Stone. "I am here supporting Dr. Stone because she has been more than fair. She always follows the rules she will do what is right. I feel this hearing is unfair," said Alfreda Parrish.

At least 20 people have took the stand at the hearing, including last year's assistant principal, Dr. Stone's advisor and the district's chief academic officer.

Dr. Stone has been reassigned to Professional Learning Development.

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