Developmental services van stolen overnight

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A local organization that is able to operate through the support of the United Way had one of its vans stolen overnight.

The Coastal Center for Developmental Services helps transport over 150 people with developmental disabilities to and from work each day. On Thursday morning, the staff found one of their vans had been stolen overnight, which caused many of its adults to be late to work.

Due to drastic budget cuts, the organization had to turn to United Way this past year in order to purchase the additional van, but now that van is gone.

"It is very frustrating, because we work so hard at what we do and everyone takes on so much and this just threw a huge kink, and it is just something else for us to deal with, and something else for us to look at," said Director of Development Brynn Ford. "Especially in the face of budget cuts, and the work we are trying to do, and especially starting new programs, while trying to continue the ones we have, it is a little disheartening."

The organization said it is trying to find funds in order to not have to cut services, something they did not have to worry about due to the United Way's help this year, until now.

Currently, the United Way's fund-raising campaign called "When You Wish," is under way.

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