Guardsmen back from Afghanistan

Zamari Howie with her dad
Zamari Howie with her dad
Fabrizzo Dunnom with his dad
Fabrizzo Dunnom with his dad

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - It has been a long year for families separated by war, but on Thursday night they reunited. The Guardsmen of the 810th Engineers join their families once again.

"I'm waiting on my daddy," said Zamari Howie.

Zamari Howie may only be 3 years old, but she knows exactly what's about to happen. In just a few minutes she'll be reunited with her dad. "He needs to get off the bus," said Howie.

And she's not the only one waiting. 3-year-old Fabrizzo Dunnom came prepared with a drawing. "It's for my daddy," said Dunnom.

And back in the stands, 11-year-old Owen Burns from Augusta was waiting on his uncle. "I miss the way he always called me a dork," said Burns.

The children didn't have to wait long. Moments later, the sight they had been waiting for: the guardsman marching home. After a brief ceremony the families were off!  Of course one of the first to find dad: Fabrizzo.  "That's my daddy," yelled Fabrizzo into the camera.

Zamari also found her dad, and within minutes was already telling him what he had to do. "He's got to go to sleep."

And we can't forget Owen. We told his uncle, Specialist Travis Burns, what his nephew missed most. And when asked when if he'd be calling him a dork anytime soon, he told us that he already had.

It's been a long year, but now the guardsmen are finally home. "It's great," said Zamari's father, Specialist Aaron Howie. "Glad to be back home with my daughter and family."

Fabrizzo's father, Staff Sergeant Fabrizzo Dunnom said, "It feels good. You have little things in your life you look forward to and being able to see your family again after a year is the number one thing. So it feels real good."

Spc. Burns said, "It's good. It's different, but good."

The Guardsmen have been overseas in Afghanistan. They were in charge of finding IEDs and disarming them.

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