Top Pop Candidate--Dr. Sidney Smith

Dr. Sidney Smith
Dr. Sidney Smith

Dr. Sidney Smith is a dermatologist and his three kids say, hands down, their dad is number one.

"I thought my dad would have a great chance at winning it because he's really a great dad," said daughter Kaney. "He will help me practice soccer and volleyball and basketball and all the sports that I play and help with homework."

"He always encourages me to do what I think is best," said son Bo. "He never encourages me to follow the crowd, just to be my own person."

He's also a volunteer coach for Bo's baseball team, making Dr. Smith a hands-on type of dad.

"Kids have so many influences and you try to be around for them," he said.

"I know that a lot of kids don't have that and I feel really lucky to have a dad like that," said Bo.

He's also known and loved for his nighttime rituals. Kaney says he will never let the kids go to bed without giving hugs to everybody.

"I always tell my kids--and my patients too--is that you can never say thank you enough and I love you enough and you can never give out enough hugs," Dr. Smith told us.

It's also nice to give out reminders of how you feel. His youngest, Gracie, draws him this pictures.

"Her favorite thing that I love the most is she says, 'Daddy I hugged you too tight," said Dr. Smith.

And they all gave him a "most valuable dad" trophy for his birthday. Not only is Dr. Smith a great dad, his wife Colleen says he's the world's best husband.

"I call him my knight and shining armor," she said. "Sidney is the epitome of everything that a good husband and father symbolizes."

"We work hard and we go to school, but the most fun I've had is having kids," said Dr. Smith. "I enjoy coming home, I enjoy being with them. Kids are the best."

Dr. Smith's kids also say he loves to embarrass them by taking pictures at all of their sports games. But they say they love him anyway.

Dr. Sidney Smith, a candidate for Top Pop.

Reported by: Shannon Royster,