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Local Officials Prepare for DaimlerChrysler

In about a month, we will know if DaimlerChrysler will be here to stay. Now local officials are meeting to prepare for the car manufacturing giant. But will they have enough time? Once DaimlerChrysler arrives, the company will need thousands of workers and local officials want a local workforce qualified to fill these jobs.

The location of the new plant in Pooler seems to stretch for miles as construction crews hurry to clear the way for the proposed facility. As we approach the day when the automobile giant will officially announce the plant's opening, many are meeting to prepare for the major impact this company will have in the surrounding nine counties.

Mayor Buddy Carter of Pooler said they're looking at "what is exactly what we need to prepare for in the way of infrastructure as well as in the way of workforce development to get us prepared for what's about to happen here." 

And what's about to happen is a major surge in our local job market.

"They estimate 10,000 jobs over the next five years, so hopefully we'll get prepared for it," said Mayor Floyd Adams of Savannah.

Once DaimlerChrysler officially announces it will be coming here, local officials will have about 18 months to prepare a qualified workforce. This way, the jobs available will go to as many local residents as possible.

"We of course realize there are going to be a lot of people who move into this area who are going to be taking a lot of these jobs," said Carter. "We want as many of these jobs as possible to go to people in our general region."

Next Tuesday, Savannah Technical College will give a presentation on the types of jobs DaimlerChrysler will need. They will also discuss how and where to receive job training. The meeting will take place at 6pm at the Family Resource Center on East Anderson Street; call 651-6815 for more information.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com

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