AASU police cook up dorm safety for students

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Colleges and universities offer a wealth of knowledge, but it's not all tied to the classroom.

Using a simulated fire extinguisher, Armstong Atlantic State University Police Dept. taught students how to prepare food in dorms and what to do in case of fire.

Since they've already had four fire alarms on campus in the last two weeks, this training is coming at a good time.

"Just things they haven't learned yet. But they're in the process of learning." said Officer Tiffany Land of AASU Police Dept. "They're here at college to find things out, experience new things and one of those things they need to learn is to how to make food the proper way so we can make sure they have somewhere to stay."

This was the department's first "Cooking with Cops" safety lesson, but they hope to have more classes in the future.

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