Battle continues over Levy fire truck insurance

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - The battle over a recently purchased fire truck came to a head Monday night in Jasper County.

The Levy Volunteer Fire Department took its battle with the county to a council meeting.  Firefighters said the department bought a new fire truck with the understanding that the county would pay the insurance on it.

But when the truck was actually purchased, firefighters said the county backed out. Chairman George Hood said the volunteer fire department didn't go through the proper channels before making the purchase.

"We are not trying to disenfranchise the citizens of Levy, but they have a $280,000contract for this year. and if they want to pay for the insurance out of that contract, they can do that, But we don't think we ought to add anymore trucks or vehicles onto the counties insurance policy," Hood said.

"We are allocated $5,000 for fire insurance. We only spent $4,100 so far. We've got another $900 left in the budget. The insurance is only $800. Why is it so hard to give the people in Bellinger Hill and Levy what they need," said Barbara Clark of Jasper County.

Councilman Henry Etheridge said that he had a conversation with Hood in which it was clear that the county would pay the insurance. Hood said he doesn't remember that discussion.

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