SCMPD says it's ahead of strategic plan goals

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Savannah-Chatham Metro Police provided an update Thursday to its 2010-2014 Strategic Plan.

The plan, which launched four months ago, aims to "to provide quality services in partnership with our community which promotes safe and secure neighborhoods," according to an SCMPD news release.

SCMPD detailed the plan's goals, which include: to exceed the national clearance rates of 64% for homicides, 41 Percent for rape, 27 for robbery, 55 for aggravated assault, 13 for burglary and 12 for auto thefts. The department's clearance rates already surpass or meet four of those six goals and are less than a percentage point behind in the other two.

Under national standards that require cases solved from the previous year to be counted against cases from the current year, SMPD has cleared 100 percent of its homicides. Investigators are still working on five of the 15 homicides reported this year, but they also cleared five others from 2009 to yield that 100 percent solution rate, according to the news release.

Data show that Savannah-Chatham police have cleared 10 of 22 rapes, giving them a 41 percent clearance rate, 82 of 308 robberies at 27 Percent; 162 of 252 aggravated assaults at 55 percent; 215 of 1,768 burglaries at 12.2 percent; and 110 of 452 auto thefts at 24.3 percent or nearly  twice the national average.

SCMPD's other goals for next area are to ensure: 80 percent of emergency calls are dispatched within a minute; 80 percent of 911 calls are answered within three rings; traffic crashes are reduced 3 percent; all children in designated school zones cross safely; officer vacancy rate is reduced to 3 percent; and the percentage of minority and female sworn officers will increase each year from 48.5 percent in 2010.

The department has 607 sworn officers and 232 civilians. It is not expected to grow from 839 employees it had in 2009 until it adds in three sworn officers in 2012 and five more in 2014, according to SCMPD.

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