Teen credit union robbery suspects remain in jail

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Two Savannah teens are back in the Effingham County Jail after facing a federal judge on Thursday morning. They are charged with robbing the Geo Vista Credit Union in Rincon.

The prosecution did not want the judge to allow the two teens out of jail because they believe there is a third person involved. The tole the judge they feared if the teens were released the defendents may help him avoid the police.

Rashamal Bradford and Stafon Davis arrived at the courthouse from the Effingham County Jail. Dressed in orange jump suits the two walked into the Federal buildings. They looked a lot different than they did when police caught the two. on Tuesday, police had to two chase the two teens into the woods in Rincon.

Bradford and Davis are charged with robbing the credit union and assaulting four employees.

In an affadavit submitted by the FBI it says Davis took one employee to the vault while Bradford held the other three employees hostage.

In court, Davis' family was not there, but Bradford's mother was. As soon as she saw her son, she started crying, saying he got mixed in with the bad crowd. When Bradford saw his mother crying, he also started to cry. As Bradford and Davis left the courtroom, Bradford's mother yelled out to her son that she loved him and to seperate himseld from Davis.

Davis has a prior robbery conviction. Bradford does not have any criminal history.

They are expected to be back in court next week for a pre-trial detention hearing. In the meantime, the will remain in jail.

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