SC is new pilot for improved surgical procedures

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - The Palmetto State will now serve as a pilot for a national effort to improve hospital safety proceedures in the operating room, thanks to a partnership with renouned surgeon and author Dr. Atul Gawande.

As part of the initiative, hospitals throughout the state will work to implement a surgical safety checklist in every operating room to protect patients. Beaufort Memorial Hospital has been using the Universal Protocol Checklist for nearly five years.  As part of the checklist, they verify they have the right patient, the proceedure they're having and make sure they have everything they need.
"We always want to make sure everything is correct prior to that patient entering the O.R," said Shawna Doran, Beaufort Memorial Hospital.  "We want to make sure nothing is left out and everything has been checked, double checked and triple checked.  We don't want the patient to come into our O.R. and something be missing, something being misplaced and that patient be pur at patient safety is first and foremost.  
The checklist also calls for all of the surgical team in the operating room to take a time out before the proceedure to make sure everything is correct before they proceed with the surgery. 
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