CAT Fare Hike Proposed

Catching a CAT may be getting more expensive this fall. Right now, it costs 75 cents to ride on a Chatham Area Transit bus, but come October it could cost you an extra quarter. CAT hasn't raised its fare in six years, but in order to keep the millage rate down and balance the budget, the county has to get the money from somewhere. The transit authority has to approve the rate hike and then you get to have your say before the fare goes up.

"I'm sure people are not going to be happy about a fare increase, certainly, that's something we're very concerned about," said CAT's Scott Lansing. "We've not had a huge outcry about it, but that will come out in the public hearings when we actually initiate the fare increase, and part of that we'll have a public hearing so people can voice their concerns."

We'll continue to follow all the developments and let you know when and where those hearings will be.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,