Tim's Take: Behind the scenes of changing set

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – You wouldn't know it from the unblinking composure of our anchors, but there's been quite a bit of commotion involved with this transition to HD.

Upside down and inside out sort of commotion as the typically two separate worlds of newsroom and studio have been sharing one space.

"It's been a little cramped around here,'' says WTOC news director Jan Smith. "And really hectic.''

And more than a little crowded just beyond the camera's view.

While you've been pardoning our appearance, we've been minding our step, navigating a maze of cameras, crews and equipment -- the shortest distance between two points being replaced by roundabout walks to the coffee machine.

Not that there haven't been advantages, like the daily observance of the changing of the set -- from the mid-morning to news live and back.

But the challenges have been greater with such a great number of moving parts and open mics so nearby.

"People have had to watch what they say and what they do,'' said Smith. "I don't know how many times I almost walked right through a weather forecast before I figured that wasn't the best thing to do.''

Live television is always like that to some extent, but it only gets more unpredictable with this many live bodies around.

It will all be cleared up soon enough, the picture and where it's coming from.

And there might even be a time when this is remembered fondly, just like those family car trips that eventually stand out more for the destinations than the crowded backseats and cries of "Are we there yet?"

"It will definitely be worth the wait,'' said Smith. "We've done some amazing work here and people are going to be very impressed when they see it.''

We're not there yet. But we will be soon.

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