Man killed in fiery crash

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - One person is dead after a fiery crash in West Savannah around 4:30 a.m. Monday morning. The victim has been identified as 52-year-old Barry Droste.

Droste's son, Clint Droste told that WTOC his father was on his way to work when the crash happened.  He said his father was on the phone with his stepmother, and his dad was confused and disoriented.  Droste is a diabetic and its believe his blood level dropped severely, causing him to pass out behind the wheel.

Droste was traveling east on Highway 80, when he lost control near the curb at Main Street.

The truck plowed through the "Welcome to Garden City" sign, barreled underneath Interstate 516, and hit the base of one of the pillars. Firefighters said the car burst into flames.

Droste works for Gulfstream.  His son said he believe Droste also called into work this morning. Two Gulfstream employees didn't think Droste sounded right on the phone so they left work and tried to find him.

Clint Droste said he was just with his father this weekend. The two had gone fishing.

Police and fire crews are investigating.

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