Friends band together in search for missing woman

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - Rough weather has not kept an army of searchers from looking through acres of woods for a missing Liberty County woman.

She disappeared from her home Saturday night.

On Monday afternoon, soldiers from her husband's unit joined the search as he tries to get home from Iraq.

Busloads of soldiers rolled out into the front yard. They came to search for Lori Arrowood, the wife of a fellow soldier in 4th Brigade's 37 Infantry. Close friends spent the weekend looking for her.

"Around 11 p.m. Saturday night, I got a call from Lori's daughter, Jessica, asking if I'd seen or talked to her mother and I had not," said Arrowood's friend, Paula Robinson.

Arrowood rushed there when the teenage daughter told her more.

"She came home and things were not left as normal and the vehicles were all there but she was not accounted for," Robinson said.

Both told searchers and investigators that a person with Arrowood's routines wouldn't change and disappear without a reason especially with a husband deployed to Iraq.

That's why fellow soldiers teamed with search and rescue crews to divide the Arrowood's property and check every square foot.

"It's a dense area of pine trees and oak trees. Initially, we searched 30 acres, which we completed and we're looking at a 60 to 70 acre area that we're sending teams to now," said Capt. Chris Johanson of the Hinesville Fire Dept.

Another challenge they face right now is the weather. They can't be sure what tracks or trails the heavy rains have washed away already.

Friends and family are just thankful at how so many have turned out to help. "They've been here from the second we could get this out to people," Robinson said.

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