Students raise Monarchs at Windsor Forest

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC)  - Every year, students at Windsor Forest Elementary enjoy a butterfly garden full of their own Monarch catepillars. Once the catepillars become butterflies, they are set free. The Monarch butterflies will migrate to Mexico for the winter.

"The students love this project," Gifted Resource Teacher Cathy Robinson told WTOC. "They see me in the hall, I'm kind of become identified with the project. They want to talk with me about their catepilliar. Tell me the latest thing it has done. How much it has eaten. How much it has grown."

"When you see it grow, it fells like it's your daughter or son, watching it grow," said fourth grade student Elizabeth White.

The garden plays a big role for the creatures. Milkweed is the only food the Monarchs will eat.

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