Red Cross helps a soldier's wife in need

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For one wife, who is now in Savannah waiting to welcome her husband home from Afghanistan, this deployment has been particularly rough. Her house where she and her daughter were living in Rhode Island burned down. She had no way to come to her husband's homecoming, but in her darkest hour the Red Cross brought light and a flight.

They bought an airline ticket and made sure Holly Flodin was in Savannah, ready to welcome her husband home with open arms. "He's going to be shocked," said Flodin. "He has no idea so it's exciting, makes it even more special."

The last time Flodin talked to her husband she'd told him there was no way she and their daughter could afford to fly home to Savannah for his homecoming. "It hit us hard you know. I felt bad. My husband tried to hide it, but you could tell he was a little upset," said Flodin.

But then Flodin got a call she wasn't expecting from the American Red Cross. "They called me and said we're sending you there, and I'm like ok," said Flodin.

John Wright with the American Red Cross said when they heard Flodin's story they knew they could help. They have a program, the Landings Military Fund, which is set up for situations just like this. "He's been away for a year fighting for our country, and she also like all of the other army spouses and families have been a part of that sacrifice, so it's great that we're able to help," said Wright.

It is help that Holly and little Grace couldn't be more appreciative of. "I just want to make sure I show my appreciation to the Red Cross and everybody, whoever donates, just for everyone stepping in so we can share this day," said Flodin.

Flodin's husband was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, but his flight got pushed back to Wednesday.

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