Top Teacher: Bridget Gordon

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Encouraging students to do their best is a quality most educators bring to their classroom, but we found one teacher whose passion is truly one of a kind.

Bridget Gordon is a Derenne Middle School teacher who's not only a mentor to her students but other teachers as well.

For 15 years Bridget Gordon has taught in Savannah. But not always in the classroom at Derenne Middle School like she is now.

In fact she taught elementary, high, and even spent a few years teaching at the Chatham County Detention Center. But no matter what grade she teaches the energy is always there.

We found her playing a review game with eighth grade students doing what she can to make learning about Georgia history not only fun, but something the students will remember.

"I just brought my personality into the classroom it requires me to sing and I can't sing. I am not a singer, but I'll make up a tune if I need to dance I'll dance whatever it takes for them to get the information they need in order to master the standards so they can pass the CRCT," said Gordon.

Gordon, a Windsor Forest and Savannah State graduate, didn't always know she wanted to be a teacher.

"I went to Georgia State for Law School. I sat in class and just wasn't feeling it. I came back home and decided to teach to see how it goes and ever since my first moment in the classroom that's just who I am," said Gordon.

And you can see it as she interacts with the students in her classroom.

But it's not just students who say Mrs. Gordon is a role model, so do other teachers like Selena Boyd who looks to Mrs. Gordon as her mentor.

"She goes above and beyond what's asked if her and she does it on a teaching level on a personal level. She's like a nurturer for some of the kids and anything that is positive she does it," said Boyd.

That positive energy is what's getting lots of attention one of the many reasons Bridget Gordon is now a WTOC Top Teacher.

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