Soldier's wife surprises husband

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It was a happy and an unexpected reunion for one wife and her husband, who just returned from Afghanistan.

The couple's house in Rhode Island burned down. When all hope was gone, the American Red Cross stepped up to provide much needed support and a flight.

While holding her daughter Grace, Holly Flodin eagerly waited Thursday to surprise her husband.

"We are here to great my husband," said Flodin. "It is a big surprise. The Red Cross sent us down here, because we had a bad house fire. He wasn't expecting us to make it, so we are very excited."

Flodin thought there was no way she was going to greet her husband in person.

"He agreed that we couldn't afford to make the trip down here," said Flodin.

Her husband is part of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade that spent the past year over in Afghanistan.

After hearing her story, the Red Cross stepped up and helped fly Flodin in earlier this week, and now the exciting moment has come.

"Hi baby are you surprised," said Flodin to her husband. "It was free for us to fly down. I have been here since Monday."

Her husband was practically left speechless, "Feels great, finally a year is finished already. Nice to be here again."

He couldn't be more appreciative for the surprise, "It was great I thank everybody participated in this."

The Red Cross purchased the flight through a program called the Landings Military Fund, which is set up for situations like this.

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