Famous guitar player visits school to inspire children

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - Children at the Thomas Heyward Academy in the Lowcountry are getting the gift of music from Mrs. G's Music Foundation.

Dinah Gretsch, the CFO of Gretsch Guitars, says the company has a responsiblity to make sure local students are learning how important music can be in their lives. They enlisted the help of one of Australia's newest guitar playing phenomenons to do that.

"Music makes you smarter, and there are a lot of studies that's been done on that. And it's something that children can do on their own, or as a group," explained Gretsch.

"I'm really, really thrilled to be here in this small town playing for these enthusiastic kids. It's really special," said Joe Robinson, 2008 Australia's Got Talent winner.

For more information on Joe Robinson, visit http://www.joerobinson.com.

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