Seniors Are Getting Younger and Smarter

Senior citizens are getting younger and younger. How is that possible? At one time, 75 was considered a senior citizen. Then it was 65 and now you can be a senior in your fifties. Senior no longer means a time when activity stops but rather a time when activity picks up and even people in their fifties can enjoy programs that before they couldn't be a part of until they were much older. In the senior program sponsored by St. Joseph's/Candler seniors are not only getting younger they're getting smarter.

What was once Care 65 is now known as Smart Senior. Starting at 55 people can be a member and participate in organized activities, lectures, free health screenings and more.

For more information on Smart Senior, please call: (912) 352-4405

or write to:

Smart Senior

# 8 Medical Arts Center

Savannah, GA 31405