Why It's Cooler... On The 'Web!

Pooler's the boomtown of the Low Country and Coastal Empire these days, and it's just the beginning. You can make a connection between growing in the "real world" and growing on the World Wide Web.

Let's go right to the source. Pooler's town government has it's own web site. It's clean and simple, easy to navigate and with enough interesting information to keep you clicking for a while. Like just how the town got started. The history page has what you need to know, about the beginnings, the railroad, and Robert Pooler, who never lived there, but had a hand in starting the town.

On to the folks who do live there, a nice resource of facts about Pooler, starting with weather and moving right to city government. I like this because it lists real people who run things. More importantly, it tells you a little about each, political and personal. You don't see this kind of personal touch in big cities.

Check out some of the community highlights, of course, JCB and the Mighty Eighth.