Cooler on the 'Web, Part II

Let's get right back to Pooler on the Internet. I showed you all the personal touches on their easy to navigate website, but it's a whole lot deeper. They have links to all the big things you expect government to do for you. And pictures of the people who run things, not the familiar, elected faces you may be used to, but the day- to- day behind the scenes managers. Say hello next time you meet one in person.

While business is booming, you need to relax a little, and Pooler brags a little bit about their offerings.

Back to the work, they have a nice list of government departments, and what they do. Good reference if you need to know who to call to talk about fixing a pothole or taking out the trash.

There are a few public safety pages, starting with the fire department, from what they have and do now, to some common sense safety tips as a reminder.

The police department's on line as well, with an interesting twist, a way you can ask questions, comment, or complain about Pooler police services. All in all, a nice touch on an already nice website that… like Pooler, is growing by the day.