Watch Your Money Move in a Weird Way!

Do you wonder where your money goes? Or where it's been? There's actually a way to find out. It's "Where's George?" a site that really doesn't have any practical use, but you might spend hours there anyway. The idea is you take the year and serial number off all the dollar bills in your wallet, and enter them in a simple box on the site. I entered about thirty dollar bills, and they were all new to the system. But, there's also a dropdown box at the upper left corner that lets you see some of the most active bills around. It's pretty neat. People actually track dollar bills around the country, where they found them, how far they've traveled, how long between stops, and what kind of shape they're in. There's also a section on the people who post the most… some tracking… literally… tens of thousands of dollars. Those are all free clicks, and you don't even need to register. It's free too, and lets you check out other features of the site, one of the more curious, intriguing sites that don't really accomplish anything, other than amusement.