Editorial feedback - 09/27/10

Thank you for the 9-27-10 editorial. I am amazed. Whenever I think it cannot get worse, it does. The amazing thing about all this "CHANGE" is that it is man-made. On top of it all, a mere $ 500, was stolen from an almost broke Medicare. Oh yes, the government will not be affected. They are immune from these changes "we can live with."

We will go down the drain, all will be involved, prepared or not, many will suffer from this man-made change. Now it depends who is on what side. Mr. Cathcart, it cannot be repealed because (he)'s still in the White House for two years. After that he will blame the Republicans for no action. They could stop the fundings, but I am not so sure they will. BOTH parties bear a large responsibility. Perfect setup for the destruction of this country, if we even make it that far. Did you ever believe that the feds are threatening companies in this country? The wonderful smear campaign is about to start.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.