The High snaps 27-game losing streak

By DaShawn Brown - email

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - To steal a quote from a former NFL coach, you play to win the game.

At Savannah High, it's an experience the Blue Jackets missed out on for nearly three years.

At least until Friday night.

The Blue Jackets went into Hinesville and topped a Bradwell team that was celebrating its homecoming.  The win represents the first for the squad since October 2007.

"I was numb to be honest with you," added Jackets head coach David Jackson.  "Aside from getting wet with water, that kind of brought me back to reality."

"Everybody was jumping, yelling," said Blue Jackets quarterback Jovante' Spivey.  "We were just so happy we finally got our first victory that we worked hard for."

"When we came back to school, everybody was like, we're proud of ya'll for getting your first win," added junior wide receiver Kavon Freeman.

"We're proud of ourselves too but we still have more to go."

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