Georgia fans hope new mascot brings new luck

By Tim Guidera - bio | email

Is help on the way for Georgia Bulldog fans?

The Seiler family, which has owned the university of Georgia mascots for the last five decades, announced Tuesday they have selected a new Uga mascot. Uga VIII he will be introduced at the school's Homecoming game on Oct. 16 and fans will be hoping the mascot change can change the fortunes of the Dogs, who have lost four games in a row for the first time since 1990.

"Hey, we've got to get excited about something,'' said Savannah Georgia fan John Deloach. "What a fresh way to start the second half of the season I guess you would say.''

After the worst start of the Mark Richt era, fans would prefer to see change occur on the field, where ill-timed fumbles have cost the 1-4 Bulldogs in three of their last four games. But they'll settle for this shakeup on the sidelines.

Uga VIII will be replacing Russ, who was a temporary mascot. Russ who's been on the job since the final game of last season, took over after Uga VII died unexpectedly.

Now fans are hoping a new dog will bring an end to these losing tricks that are getting pretty old.

"Football's a game of momentum and we need something to change our momentum, so anything that can help will be great,'' said Deloach. "So I know it'll be a special time in Athens, bringing the new guy in, our 12th man, and hopefully it'll give our team a spark to finish out the season the way Georgia fans can be proud.''

"That will be great,'' added Malcolm Wrigley, a Georgia fan, also from Savannah. "I know that fans will be looking forward to it. And I know the owners will be proud to get it taken care of for the fans. But we just welcome him and hope he has a long life.''

The Seiler family is not offering much information about Uga VIIII, but confirmed that he is a direct descendant of Uga VI.

They will release a little more information next week, along with a picture after a photo session in Savannah with a university photographer.

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