Downtown Fire Update

Firefighters rushed to the well-known Churchill's Pub in Downtown Savannah early this morning as flames surrounded the building and traveled onto the SCAD building next door.

"The alarm company called me and said the alarm is going off and mulitple zones had been activated," said owner Andrew Holmes. "We thought it was an intruder till I drove down Drayton Street and saw all the lights."

Holmes has owned the pub for more than seven years. He watched all morning as firefighters tried to salvage what they could, but most of the inside is destroyed.

"The bar was built in england many years ago, 1850, you're not going to be able to get that replaced easily," said Holmes.

That bar was home to many regulars and events like the Scottish Heritage Ceremony. Neighbors also frequent the pub and say it's just a tragedy.

"They're awesome folks, it was a beautiful establishment," said Carol Lawson.

But Holmes says not to worry, they will reopen.

"It's a setback, but we'll be open as quickly as we can be," he said.

And thanks to high-tech survelliance in the bar, Holmes will be helping the firefighters with the investigation, because most of the fire was caught on tape.

"We have a full video survelliance system that hopefully survived the fire and then we'll be able to see," he explained. "There's cameras in all areas of the restaurant."

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,