From Patients

"I feel so much better about my life and what I need to do to stay clean and sober.  I thank all the nurses and techs for everything they did to help me with my addiction"

"The staff at Saint Simons By The Sea helped to save my life!  I love you all!"

"Saint Simons By The Sea was a potential lifesaver for me.  Now it is up to me to follow my plan for recovery.  I was having anxiety and started to check out early in treatment but my doctor worked with me and would not let me give up.  You have a great program and staff!  Thank you!"

"This place really helped me make the changes I needed to make.  I feel like I can start a new life!"

"I thought the staff was incredible.  They were very helpful and sensitive.  I felt very safe and comfortable and was pleased that they made accommodations for each person's needs."

"I am really happy I chose to go into treatment at Saint Simons By the Sea"

"I am proud to be an alumni of Saint Simons By The Sea!  Thank you all."

"With 34 years in healthcare, I saw the other side for the first time.  You should be very proud of your staff.  They are dedicated and engaged in the mission.  Your staff makes a difference-do not forget that!  Thank God for your profession and bless your commitment to it!"

"All of the staff were extremely caring and helpful.  Each of them went above and beyond what they NEEDED to do to help me.  I am very grateful to all staff of this hospital!"

"If you are serious about getting better, this is where you need to be!"