Coming up on THE News: Aboard USS Monterey

Here are stories WTOC is working on: A $1 billion warship is docked in Savannah, with more than 350 U.S. Navy officers and sailors on board. While they are in town, sailors are doing volunteer work. WTOC's Lynda Figueredo went aboard the ship for a behind-the-scenes look. She also went to community sites where sailors are volunteering.

The federal government is giving millions of dollars to several area communities. The refund comes after the Army said it was no longer moving the 5th Brigade to Fort Stewart. Bureau Chief Dal Cannady has more details.

Melanie Ruberti is getting local reaction about the incredible rescue operation to pull Chileans out from deep inside a mine after two months. See the livestream here.

The Lowcountry is gearing up for midterm elections. A poll by Winthrop University shows Republican Nikki Haley has a 9 percentage point lead over her opponent Democrat Vincent Sheheen. Jaime Dailey is looking at the upcoming election.

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The WTOC News Team