Pub Owner Will Rebuild

Fire investigators are still looking for clues after a fire ripped through part of Savannah's Historic District early Friday morning. With its door chained shut, Churchill's British pub might not be opening again for several months to come. All thought there is much work to be done owner Andy Holmes doesn't want to waste any time on re opening

"I'm being hopeful, three months, but I think that really is being hopeful, but I would say somewhere nearest six months by the time you get all the permits<" he said.

But before he gets the permits to re-open these doors, he first has to inventory all he lost. One of the difficulties the owners have faced is taking inventory for their insurance company. Since the majority of the goods they had inside were purchased overseas.

"A lot of things have been brought over in suit cases, gifts from friends, most of the decor of the place is English, it's directly from England," Holmes said. "It's just a nightmare but it's like everything else, you just get on with it as a human being you just deal with it. We will deal with it we will go on."

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Reported by: Nicole Teigen,