Study: Guiding cancer patient through system saves lives

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) – Published findings of a Georgia Southern University researcher show that pairing breast cancer patients with a professional to help through the health care process can may save lives and has potential for saving substantial amounts of money in the health care system.

Navigating patients through the health care system has potential for increasing one year in the life of a breast cancer patient at a cost of $95,000 per patient, per year, according to research from Georgia Southern University Professor Talar Markossian, and Elizabeth Calhoun, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

They conducted the research as part of the Chicago Cancer Navigation Project, in which professor Calhoun is the principal investigator. CCNP's goal is to reduce the time between an abnormal screening result, like a mammogram and a definitive diagnosis.

The study's findings were published in a recent edition of The Health Policy Journal.

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