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Money Wise--Saving Time in the Kitchen

As the old saying goes, time is money, and if that's true then saving time is like money in the bank. Good Housekeeping Institute tested some products that claim to do just that. Knowing how every morning minute counts, they came up with three time saving winners.

If you want a smoothie in the morning but it's too much of a hassle, how about a Hamilton Beach Stay-and-Go blender? Good Housekeeping testers say the 16 speed blender can whip up a fruit smoothie in seconds, and then just unscrew the base, put on the lid, and it's ready to commute with you.

GHI's food appliances tester Marjorie Cubisino said, "You save time because you blend right in the jar that you are going to drink from."

If you'd prefer more bite to your breakfast, the Toastmaster Minute Master can turn bread brown in a little over a minute. The Toastmaster is twice as fast as a regular toaster.

"This is the fastest toaster we ever worked with," Cubisino said.

It even has a smart tray at the bottom with a light to warn when it's time for a cleaning. And what if you want honey on your toast, but the jar just won't open? How about getting some timely help from the Black and Decker Lids Off automatic jar opener?

"You can open up any size jar in about 16 seconds," said Cubisino.

Testers found it snapped open large jars as well as a small baby food jar.

Good Housekeeping says there's also a way to save time if you want to shampoo your carpets. They found that the Hoover Steamvac finishes the job in 25 percent less time than it takes some other carpet cleaners. It costs about $370.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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