Editorial feedback - 10/04/10

I'll bet you my house against that you never thought that this is the "Change" we thought would come. Whatever you wrote in your editorial will come true.

In my 10-05-09 reply I quoted that the enemy of this country better hurry up, otherwise the muslim administration will do it all by itself. Just what you are writing about above. In my 10-19-09 reply I wrote: Read my lips: NO ONE IS GOING TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY.

And also: A Nation under God.... what a joke! God out. Constitution out. Muslims in. Christians shot. Well, you can see the path yourself. That was almost a year ago. What a progress in the destruction of this nation.

We are not even at the 2 year mark of this administration. Who are those tens of thousands of people cheering when the president speaks? NOW I know why the education in this country is so watered down, 98% of them probably don't know who Thatcher, Goebbels or Molotov are.

One thing for sure; our future will be very interesting. I can see where it will all end and nobody will be cheering then. God have mercy. YES, the God we are trying to do away with, while killing unborn or half-way born babies, allowing same sex marriages and so on, then inviting God to bless us.

What a joke!!! We are getting exactly what we deserve by a just and righteous God. We don't have to restore or repair, recover or remake. WE HAVE TO REPENT!!! 2 Chronicle 7:14

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA