Maj. Gen. Cucolo reports lower violence in Iraq

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Soldiers of the Third Infantry Division are coming home. Almost all the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team is either home on enroute.

WTOC spoke with Major General Cucolo via satelite about their progress.

"We transfer authority right now if everything goes straight, on the fourth of November. Right here where I'm standing should get on a plane with dog faced soldiers and I sure hope to walk across Cottrell Field on the fifth can't wait to get home to Ginger and the community in Coastal Georgia," Maj. Gen Cucolo said.

"We've had the fifth straight week of the lowest violence we have ever had. Good news is we believe the violent extremist networks have been knocked back a great degree so the nature of their organizations are such that they could gather there limited resources for one or two very high profile attacks," he added.

Check out the entire satelite interview in the video player to the right.

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