Bacon County

U.S. Representative in 112th Congress from the 1st Congressional District of Georgia

  • Jack Kingston (R) Incumbent
  • Oscar L. Harris (D)

State Senator from 7th District

  • Greg Goggans (R) Incumbent

State Representative in the General Assembly from 168th District

  • Tommy Smith (R) Incumbent

District Attorney of the Waycross Judicial Circuit

  • Richard Currie (D) Incumbent

Judge, Superior Court of the Waycross Judicial Circuit

  • Dwayne H. Gillis Incumbent

County Commissioner District 3

  • Roy Newberry (R)

County Commissioner District 4

  • Roy King (R)
  • Hobert Taylor (D) Incumbent

County Commissioner District 6

  • Kenny Murphy (R)
  • Robin Medders (D)

Country Board of Education District 2

  • Debra Davis King
  • Bernita K. Lewis

County Board of Education District 6

  • Leroy Hayes Incumbent
  • Derrin Wheeler

For Altamaha Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

  • George M. Yearty Incumbent

Advisory County Referendum

Shall the Bacon County Board of Elections and Regulation provide an election precinct in the City of Alma and at other cerntral locations in the county so as to permit all voters the opportunity to vote in close proximity to their place of residence?