Toombs County

U.S. Representative in 112th Congress from the 12th Congressional District of Georgia

  • Raymond McKinney (R)
  • John Barrow (D) Incumbent

State Senator from 19th District

  • Tommie Williams (R) Incumbent

State Representative in the General Assembly from 155th District

  • Greg Morris (R) Incumbent

County Commissioner District 1

  • Roy Lee Williams (D) Incumbent

County Commissioner District 4

  • Jeff McCormick (R)
  • Mell Taylor (D)

Superior Court the Middle Judicial Circuit

  • Robert S. (Bobby) Reeves

County Board of Education District 3

  • Rahn Milligan

County Board of Education District 5

  • Jonathon "John" Holland
  • Robert Rosier Incumbent

County Board of Education Chairman

  • Ross "Danny" Bowen Incumbent
  • Daniel Caraway

County Board of Education District 1

  • Russ Benton
  • Needum (Billy) Rogers Incumbent
  • Michael Tapley

Ohoopee River Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

  • Ben M. Newton Incumbent