Candidate defends herself after flier controversy

By Brian Entin - bio | email

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - As Election Day gets closer, one candidate has the Republican Party threatening legal action.

The issue has to do with campaign flyers that volunteers hang on doorknobs.

The Republican Party printed hundreds of them, and write-in candidate for Bryan County Commission Lynda Morse put a sticker advertising her candicacy on some of the brochures.

"I made a mistake, but I did nothing deliberately wrong," Morse said.

The GOP is not taking Morse's mistake lightly. They sent her a letter telling her to give the door hangers back and even threatening legal action.

"If they want to sue me I'll be glad to get up there and let them ask me whatever they want. When I tell them how this came about they are going to be a little embarrassed," Morse said.

Morse said someone close to the Republican Party gave her the flyers to distribute. But she wouldn't elaborate on who that person is. "If I were to tell you exactly who it was I would get someone in trouble because they didn't know they were doing anything wrong," Morse said.

Morse said she is a Republican and that is why she originally thought she could put her sticker on the flyers.

But Bryan County Republican Party Chairman Larry Barker said that is not the case. "This is the real essense of what is wrong with America and that is disingenuous politicians who say one thing and do another," Barker said.

Morse went to the Bryan County Republican Party's headquarters and dropped off the door hangers on Tuesday night.

"They will get them in the morning. This is it. I'm done. I have complied with the letter," Morse said.

Morse hopes they can all put this controversy behind them, but she is not necessarily upset with the way it unfolded.

"I will take some heat for it ... but I couldn't have bought this kind of publicity," Morse said.

Butch Broome won the Republican primary in the race and is the Republican candidate for the 4th District Bryan County Commission seat.

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