McIntosh County

U. S. Reprentative in 112th Congress from the 1st Congressional District of Georgia

  • Jack Kingston (R) - Incumbent
  • Oscar L. Harris, II (D)

State Senator from 3rd District

  • William T. Ligon, Jr. (R)
  • Griffin Lotson (D)

State Representative in the General Assembly from 167th District

  • Roger B. Lane (R) - Incumbent

District Attorney of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit

  • Tom Durden (D) - Incumbent

State Court Solicitor

  • Richard E. Braun, Jr. (R) - Incumbent

County Commissioner District 5 - At Large

  • Kelly Spratt (R)
  • Boyd L. Gault (D) - Incumbent

County Commissioner District 1

  • Joel Williams (R)
  • Nathaniel Grovner (D) - Incumbent

County Commissioner District 3

  • Clay Davis (R)
  • Charles E. Jordon (D) - Incumbent

Board of Education District 1

  • Holly Altman Boone (R)
  • Donna Blackburn (D)

Board of Education District 3

  • Dwight E. Jordon (D) - Incumbent

Judge, Superior Court of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit

  • D. Jay Stewart - Incumbent

State Court Judge

  • Dale Jenkins