Editorial Salute 10/21/10

For Hunter-stationed 3/160th personnel, "Night Stalkers" is more than a name, it's what they do. Like all special operations units, their missions are, of necessity, highly classified.  The unit took time out last week to honor several members for their skill and bravery in the on-going fight against evil forces in the Middle East.

Twenty-year Army veteran, Chief Warrant Officer-4 Timothy Denton, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, one of our nation's highest military honors, for a dramatic, courageous extraction of our guys on the ground, in the midst of a fire-fight.  Sergeant Bradley Weaver received the Air Medal for his heroic assistance in that rescue.  Several other local Night Stalkers were awarded Bronze Stars or Joint Service Commendation Medals.

Suffice it to say, that inserting and, then, extracting special operators, wherever tasked, around the globe, most often at night, is demanding and dangerous, making these flyers among the very best in the world.  Our congratulations and special thanks to all those in Hunter's 3/160 who serve our nation so magnificently.  Our appreciation for your service and sacrifice goes far beyond words.