Hampton County

U.S. Senate

  • Tom Clements (G)
  • Jim DeMint (R)
  • Alvin M. Greene (D)

U.S. House of Representatives District 2

  • Joe Wilson (R)
  • Eddie McCain (L)
  • Rob Miller (D)
  • Marc Bearman (Con)

State House of Representatives District 120

  • Dan Lawrence (R)
  • Bill Bowers (D)

State House of Representatives District 122

  • Curtis Brantley (D)


  • TC Smalls (D)

Probate Judge

  • Sheila B. Odom (D)


  • Ernie J. Washington Sr. (D)

City Council At Large

  • Hugh B. Gray (D)
  • Charles Buddy Phillips (D)
  • Shedron Williams (D)

School Board At-Large 46 North

  • Sandra Gooding (Nonpartisan)

School Board At-Large 47 South

  • Benjamin Burison Jr. (Nonpartisan)
  • Myrtle W. Sumter (Nonpartisan)

Soil and Water District Commission

  • JW Mole Jr. (Nonpartisan)
  • Gary L. Youmans (Nonpartisan)

Hampton County School District No. 2 Bond Referendum

Shall the Board of Trustees of Hampton County School District No. 2 Hampton County, South Carolina (the "School District"), be authorized to issue at one time or from time to time, general obligation bonds of the School District in a principal amount not exceeding $6,000,000, the proceeds of which shall be used to finance the cost of constructing, improving, equipping improvements to Estill High School and constructing and equipping additons to Estill High School as needed to relocate Estill Middle School to Estill High School?