Metter man wins lottery, again

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

METTER, GA (WTOC) - Big checks and big prizes have almost become old hat to Andrew Jones. He bought his latest lucky scratch-off Oct. 8 at the store where he buys tickets almost every day.

"I said 'I believe I won a million dollars' and they said 'no'. I started running around the store, pacing, and they were right behind me. I finally stopped and I said 'yes, that's what it was.' and I was right," Jones recalled.

"We thought he was joking because he's always joking about something. But it turned out to be true," said store clerk Eugenia Cannon. She said the only thing Jones had shared with her or fellow employees was his usual good-natured aggravation.

"I might give them something, might. I'm not sure yet," Jones countered, as he elbowed Cannon.

Representatives of the Georgia Lottery were in Metter on Monday to officially congratulate Jones. Although, his winning is nothing new. He won $500,000 at the same store less than three years ago. Now plenty of people are getting tickets in hopes Jones's luck rubs off, or scratches off, on them. Store owners say they've sold thousands of dollars in tickets since word got out that Jones has won, again.

He said the big money doesn't mean he'll take it easy.

"I'm always doing something. If I'm not scratching a ticket, I'm working. I can work if I want to but ain't got to work if I don't want to," he assured. "I've still got some of that money from the time before, but a little more don't hurt."

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