Soldiers run for breast cancer

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

Those who were up bright and early Wednesday morning might have seen hundreds of soldiers running through the streets of savannah. Soldiers are hoping to paint the town pink and draw awareness to breast cancer.

From the Wilson gate at Hunter Army Airfield through Savannah to the Nancy N. J. C. Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion, more than 500 soldiers from the 260th Quartermaster Battalion hit the pavement.

Crowds lined up along the running route looked on at the soldiers.

Lt. Andrea Graham is undergoing her last treatments for stage one Breast Cancer.

"I was devastating at first and I thought it was a joke. I couldn't deal with it at the time but as I became educated about what was gonna take place. I accepted it and had a positive attitude about it," Graham said.

Graham said that just watching so many soldiers supporting the cause makes her feel so proud.

Each solider is running for either someone who has lost their battle with breast cancer, or a survivor Spc. Bill Scott's grandmother lost her battle a month ago.

"My grandma is my heart and I love her today and I will love her tomorrow and when she had breast cancer I was there for her," said Scott.

While Scott and his fellow soldiers ran in Savannah, so did 1,200 hundred soldiers with the 3rd Sustainment Brigade in Iraq. Col. Paul Cordts is the Commander of Winn Army Community Hospital At Fort Stewart.

"I have taken care of women with breast cancer and I think this is an important military community partnership trying hard to identify women over the age of 40 and get them in and get their mammogram and do their monthly breast exam," said Cordts.

Breast cancer survivor's such as Nettie Blake say watching the soldiers run gave her the strength to start another round of treatment.

"I am a breast cancer survivor of 10 years and my left breast and now starting back again on the right breast again coming here for radiation," said Blake.

Soldiers, survivors and supporters all different people, with the same mission -- fighting breast cancer -- together.

This is the second year for the run.

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