Get details on GA, SC proposed amendment No. 3

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – There are several amendments on ballots in both Georgia and South Carolina. The proposed Amendment 1 deals with competitive contract enforcement in Georgia courts and Amendment 2 would add a $10 fee to vehicle registrations to provide trauma care funding.

Voters who pick Amendment 3 in Georgia will help decide whether to let the state start multi-year contracts for long-term transportation projects. If voters choose yes, those contracts would not require appropriations and could reduce long-term construction costs.

In South Carolina, voters will decide on four amendments when they head to the polls.

Palmetto State Voters will decide if the state's "rainy day" fund should be increased with proposed Amendment 3. If voters pick yes, they're allowing the state to increase the amount of money state government has to keep in the general reserve fund from 3 percent of the previous year's revenue to 5 percent.

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