Republican candidates stump in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Politicians hit the road again to drum up support during this last week before the general election.

Republicans U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal and 12th district congressional candidate Ray McKinney were in Johnson Square.

McKinney said he's confident even though he's campaigning without the broad visibility of TV commercials.

"(In) the Wall Street Journal yesterday, we were listed as one of the top five potential upsets. We've done polling, John Barrow's done polling, and we know where the numbers are at. And right now if I was a three-term incumbent, I'd be a little bit worried. The reason you're not seeing a lot of ads on TV, quite honestly, we can't afford it," McKinney said.

Once the candidates finished trying to drum up support in Savannah, they got back on board the bus bound for Statesboro.

On Thursday, they will be in Augusta.

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