Pickpocket suspect sought by deputies

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - You hope your stuff's safe at work, but there's a guy going around blending in at businesses and walking out with wallets and cash.

Deputies say he's preyed on people in at least four businesses, including the Sweet Water Grill in Rincon. "I hope they do find him, and put him behind bars," said Susan Plank owner of Sweet Water Grill.

Plank is just one of the victims. She says the man in the picture stole from her, stealing cash, credit cards, and prescription meds from her purse.

"We were working on a Saturday, myself and two co-workers. We were very busy as we are today. A gentleman came in and asked to use the bathroom. He came in the door went straight to the restroom. Unfortunately, he took advantage of the fact we weren't paying close attention to him," said Plank.

He went right for her office, which isn't easy to find. The thief had to walk through a room before reaching a door that's clearly marked, "Employees Only." From there he walked through their storage area, into another room, where the office was located. Plank says the thief was bold.

Effingham County Sheriff's investigator David Ehsanipoor agrees. He says unfortunately Plank is not the only victim. Something similar is also happening at other places, including the county library. "What we're hoping is someone can identify who this person is," said Ehsanipoor.

Identify the man, so deputies can put him behind bars. Something that would make Plank feel a lot better. "I hope he is caught," said Plank.

If you recognize the thief, or know anything about the ripoffs call police.

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